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We remove your window screens and brush both sides to remove dirt. Your windows are hand cleaned with a specialized green safe professional exterior formula that includes a 6-month water repellent. We clean exterior screen tracks of all natural build up. Finally, your windows are dried crystal clear before replacing any screens. Cleaning can not remove discoloration inside the glass, but we can remove most external stains for an additional fee.


You are on your way to enjoying a bright new day with sparkling clean windows. We hand wash your interior windows using our green safe professional grade interior formula cleaner to remove dirt and streaks. We dry to a crystal clear checking at multiple angles for hidden smudges and streaks. Our cleaning formulas are professional grade and green safe! No build up or residue means longer lasting clear clean windows.


Ask us about buying our interior or exterior cleaning concentrate!

We care about our families, so we created our own green safe products. Safe for our kids and pets! Professional grade cleaners that can tackle even hard water stains. Our products they leave no residue, so your windows remain cleaner longer. Our exterior formula is “hydrophobic” meaning it repels water…and any dirt it may be carrying. It repels future dust and pollen from sticking.